The famous Matryoshka Doll inspires plenty of projects in the world of design. Today we would like to showcase the Matreshka Light Chair, an original seating unit with an incorporated lighting system. Here is more from the producers:  “The product is unique not only with its form, but also with the fact that it is a lamp in which you can actually sit. The built-in LED RGB lighting in its upper part can be remotely controlled, it allows thousands of colour combinations (including white for reading) and it fades in and out. It can be used also as a lamp. The base allows endless 360° rotation both ways. The chair invites and embraces you, it enhances and dominates your emotions. The soft curves of the female body come to life in the form of fibroglass in two main colours – white and black.” Freshome readers, what do you think of this idea- extravagant, practical or both?