With a contemporary look and minimalist features, the Pittman Dowell Residence is a nonconventional structure that takes full advantage of modern technology and design. The couple living here, Lari Pittman and his partner, Roy Dowell, is non-traditional and this is the exact feeling that the building had to convey. Architect Michael Maltzan was challenged to find the balance between beauty and functionality and between shape and space. The inhabitants asked Maltzan to “disrupt and dismantle the hierarchy of spaces” and so the polygonal residence ended up having no doors to delimitate the space. An internal courtyard ensures both light and privacy, while the oval skylight in the master bathroom focuses the attention on a beautiful old pine tree. An open living room offers panoramas of the city through large windows and the modern delimitation of space allows each room to interact with the next in a spiralling motion. Beautiful and futuristic, the Pittman Dowell residence is an example of how desire and need shape our homes, don’t you think?