The Albatross Residence was designed by Bayden Goddard Design Architects (BGD Architects) and is located in Queensland, Australia. Here is a description from the architects: The residence successfully achieves its own oasis, by capturing beach-front vista and access whilst maintaining a private yet expansive pool and entertaining core. Entry to the residence is via a recycled timber colonnade and gatehouse that grants covered access to both wings of the house. A glazed hallway wraps the central courtyard on both the ground and first floor giving scenic circulation past the main amenities whilst providing aesthetic flow, travelling the timber stair. Privacy is ensured and natural light is made abundant as the open tread stair is back light entirely by opaque glazing. Louvered glazing has been utilised throughout the home to control ventilation by natural breezes. The internal and external palette of finishes of natural timbers and stone cohesively create a tropical, modern and comfortable ambience’s. External finishes of recycled timber, natural stone, and copper allow the property to further develop character over time. The property was bought in 2009 by poker player Bruce Mathieson, who paid no less than $18 million for the crib.