A mammoth company such as Coca Cola would probably have image issues if not conforming to the worldwide trends of sustainability. Seen on Inhabitat, the “Give it Back” racks are said to be fully recyclable, as the U.S. retailers are asked to give back (for re-usage) the cardboard supports which help display the Coca Cola products. Here is more from the official press release:  “Coca-Cola recovered 400 million pounds of cans and bottles in the U.S. in 2010, yet we want to do more,” said Gary Wygant, Vice President, Business Development, Coca-Cola Recycling. “By creating a 100 percent recyclable merchandise display rack, Coca-Cola is asking grocery and convenience stores to join our sustainability efforts by returning or recycling our racks, just like we ask consumers to return or recycle our product packaging.” Especially designed to “communicate sustainability to shoppers”, the idea makes for an interesting PR campaign, don’t you agree?