Ricardo Bofill is the proud inhabitant and creator of one of the best architectural reconversions. An old cement factory became the playground of a fabulous array of art and culture. On a surface of over 3,100 square meters that used to serve as an industrial building, the architect recreated a space of wonders, grouping different spaces with various artistic and residential purposes: offices, archives, a model laboratory, an exhibition space, Bofill’s apartment, guest rooms and gardens. The abandoned cement factory became a vestige that would incorporate a contemporary understanding of space based on repurposing an excellent building. By demolishing some structures and exposing previously hidden elements, the factory was transformed into a luscious collection of spaces during a process that lasted two years. The three main elements – the cathedral, the garden, and the silos – were sculpted in a new shape. The residential part retained the industrial accents but Bofill re-imagined the lofty interiors with high ceilings by adding contemporary furniture and casual decorative elements. Gardens filled with luscious eucalyptus, palms, olive trees and cypresses complete the exterior while offering a glimpse of the luxuriously restored interiors. Exquisite in every detail, the Cement Factory found on Yatzer bounds two distinct ages and merges styles through a fabulous design.