The most important feature of a home is its ability to perpetually offer the feeling of a comfortable living space. Situated in Lörrach, Germany, the residence you are about to see is a rather simple 651 sqm construction, offering possibilities of further construction in the future. The single family home designed by andOFFICE combines the comfort of an open plan living zone with the compactness of a modern home. A terrace offers fresh air and the connection to the exterior space. The southwest part of the terrace supports a cantilevering first floor that features the option of having up to 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is more space in the fully insulated basement for two additional bedrooms. A solid wood cladding protects and beautifies the external part of the building, while excellent wood fibre insulation and triple glazed windows ensure a constant temperature. Featuring heat-recovery ventilation, solar collector and usage of rain water, the residence has a low impact on the environment. An exceptional colour composition completes the interior and exterior design of this amazing architecture, wouldn’t you say so?