Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your home and renew it out of its cold winter slump. From bright spring colors on interior walls to updating old and worn out parts of your home, spring is the perfect ‘excuse’ for renewal. The area of your home that greets people first is your front entry. From the playful porch to the exterior lighting used to create safety and ambiance in the evening, your front entry could use spring sprucing as well. Here are 10 ideas for enlivening your front entry with touches of spring and renewal.

1.)  Bring out the color: Whether your front door could use a new coat of paint or the trim around the adjacent windows could use a fresh new color. Your front entry is the ideal place to add color and whimsy. Consider using a front door color that contrasts the rest of your home: red, yellow, green, and orange are all popular “wow” colors for your front entry.

2.)  Freshen up railings and stairs: If your front porch railings are looking drab, opt for new ones that are bolder and command more attention. If you like your current railings and stairs, decorate with spring hanging flower baskets and/or paint with a fresh coat of paint to bring freshness to the space.

3.)  Modernize your exterior: Is the front of your home starting to look dated? Consider opting for updated amenities to make it look new and revived. Simple awnings, attractive fences and gates, or sun shades can immediately boost up the curb appeal of your home.

4.)  Give your front entry attention: While this seems like an obvious one, your front entry is the most forgotten about space of your home. For once you are in your house, you forget about the space that welcomes your neighbors! Sweep up debris, dead leaves, and clean or pressure wash brick, siding or brick.

5.) Add functional lighting: Similarly to the interiors of your home, lighting fixtures can make your front entry look amazing at night, as well as keep your guest safe. Exterior lighting can range from single pendant lighting above the front door, or wall sconces that flank the sides of the door. If you have a garage, use similar lighting fixtures there as well.

6.) Plants add color and texture: Depending on how much space you have, plants will help your front entry look friendlier and it will mask much of your hardscape – sidewalks, stairs, and walkways. Consider adding plants in decorative urns along walkways, along stairs and in decorative pots at your front door.

7.) Spruce up patio furniture: For those of you, who have patio furniture at your front entrance, revive your furniture with brightly colored seat cushions to bring color and décor to your front entry. Cushions that still look good from last year can be hand washed and dried to perk up any front entrance.

8.) See what your neighbors are doing: Believe it or not, one of the best ways to get ideas and build neighborhood camaraderie is to collaborate about how they spruce up their front entries. Your neighbor may be delighted to give you pointers!

9.) Pull up a seat: Depending on the size of your front entry, consider adding colorful furniture for seating. From park benches, and cedar side tables, to wrought iron chairs or bistro style seating adjacent to a patio area. Colorful throw pillows in spring colored hues feel and look great.

10.) Create an oasis: Whether you only have space for a welcome doormat or you have a full porch to enjoy, create an oasis that you will love to come home to.  Update your front door hardware, your wall mounted mailbox and even a fresh spring wreath to your door!

Sprucing up your front entry can brighten up your home, and give your guests a fresh approach to your home, before they even enter.  Determine what areas of your front entry you want to enhance. It doesn’t all have to be done this weekend! Give yourself time to plan, and by the end of spring your front entry will be ready to welcome in the summer months!

Freshome readers what do you do to bring spring inspiration to your front entry?