Every spring when the warmer weather starts, the excuse to want to spend more time outdoors then indoors is always attractive. Although, the reality is, if you spring clean your home now, you will have more time to enjoy the outdoors and have a healthy conscious about your interiors at the same time! Spring cleaning is a chore that many look forward to and many do not. The time it takes to clean is usually at the top of the list of why spring cleaning feels like a burden rather than a reward.  Here are tips on how to save time spring-cleaning your home.

  • Tackle one room at a time: While you may want to finish your entire home in one day, the reality is you will be exhausted and you probably won’t do as thorough of a job as you would like. Instead, make a checklist for each room and what needs to be cleaned ahead of time. Take one weekend and go buy all necessary cleaning supplies, tools, and cleaners necessary and then pick a room and start. Pull out furniture and dust behind as well as appliances in the kitchen. You will save more time tackling one room, than doing a little bit in every room.
  • Don’t forget what you can’t see: While most house cleaning involves what you can see with your eyes, spring cleaning involves also tackling what you don’t see. Underneath beds, and behind entertainment centers are an ideal place for dust to collect and add to seasonal allergies in your home. To save time, each day you inhabit a room, dust behind and underneath objects in that room. After a week, your whole home would have been dusted!
  • Treat your exterior home like the interior: When spring cleaning, take a walk around your exterior home and look at what is obvious. From cleaning up debris from trees, raking leaves, and general cleanup to washing the exterior windows. To save time on exterior projects, do a project each time you go take out the trash, or get the mail. Instead of exhausting yourself cleaning the entire exterior of the house, tackle the porch one day, the driveway another, and the windows another day.
  • Make it fun: Since spring cleaning isn’t always on your top of fun priorities to do, consider making a reward for yourself and family members for cleaning up! Make a checklist for the entire house, and delegate jobs to your teenagers, spouse, and even have toddlers pick up toys in their play area! If you attach a reward like going to get ice cream afterwards, or going to the movies, you will be surprised how quickly your house may be cleaned – without you spending all month to do it.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be time consuming and once broken up among family members and days, the entire house won’t seem as daunting as once thought. If your life is too hectic and you don’t have enough time to think about cleaning your home thoroughly, consider having friends and family to help, or even hiring a professional cleaning service. A cleaning service can get your home to a higher level of clean that you could maintain afterwards. Either way, spring cleaning will pave the way for you to enjoy yourself outside or even inside this season!

Freshome readers, do you spring clean your home? Do you have any ideas to add to the list?