Located in Stockholm’s artistic Birkastan neighbourhood, this next apartment provides such glorious mixtures of styles that anyone would feel at home here. With an open plan living area and kitchen, the loft offers a generous living space, filled with modern furniture and exceptional wooden beams that offer the space a down-to-earth atmosphere. An elevator takes you up to the loft, revealing an elegant yet fun environment. Featuring large glazed windows that bright up the space, the apartment also beneficiates from spotlights that warm up the atmosphere when the fireplace light gets too dim. For those sun filled afternoons that are just too bright, remote controlled awnings close the vertical blinds for the perfect atmosphere. The loft features double bathrooms including one en-suite with a lovely Jacuzzi. Panoramic views of the south part of the city can be seen from a lovely terrace. Under-floor heating ensures a comfortable environment and the two bedrooms have many storage areas, carefully designed to fit the rooms. The 97 square meters apartment can be rented from Eklund Stockholm New York.