Wondering how you can revamp an old dresser? We have an idea for you. How about using maps of places you love to make that old dresser fit in with your modern home? Domestic Ease shows us exactly how easy it can be to turn an old piece of furniture into a bright and lovely reminder of how big the world is. Using some old National Geographic maps, Kristin Campbell covered the drawers on the dresser below and made it look amazing. By carefully studying the maps, Kristin chose the ones that would look good together, balancing blue and white into a wonderful design. Then she put her heart into it: “I divided the maps into four places our little family has lived for the four drawers:  Virginia (my childhood), California (my hubby & I during college), Guatemala (where our beautiful adopted daughter was born), and then Texas (where we live now).” Then, with the help of scissors, Mod Podge, a sponge brush and several damp paper towels, she shaped and glued the maps directly to the wood. She finished the piece by painting the dresser in a colour that goes well both with the maps and her room. Check out the final result and let us know what you think about it!