Garage conversions are very popular nowadays. It is amazing what some can do out of an old rusty room and today we have yet another project that proves impossible is nothing. French architects at Fabre | de Marien managed to completely transform a 41 sqm garage located in Bordeaux into a welcoming living space. Here is more information from the project developers: “The buildings (A/N in the neighborhood) face the length of a private route meaning each property owner possesses half of this space. The garage‚Äôs only elevation onto this passage was one of 6m in length yet the other faces were either blind or shared party walls. A patio measuring 4m long by 2.20m wide was created and placed within the new building. The interior is completely hollowed out and now glazed by the patio. In order to clear the largest space possible and to benefit of its varied special qualities despite its size, all the main essential living requirements excluding the kitchen which fronts the passage, is concentrated within a box measuring 3.60m long by 3m wide by 3m high.” Freshome readers, did you convert any provoking interior lately? If so, what was the biggest challenge that you confronted?


These are the BEFORE photos: