Who here never dreamed of living their perfect life in a castle? I know I have, but i could never imagine how the castle would look like. Now I see someone is living in my dream castle! Owned by architect Charles Sieger of Sieger Suarez, the extraordinary property Charles Sieger is a renowned architect who has designed over ten billion dollars in real estate properties. Now his own residence, the “Sieger Residence” expresses his work and seems to be a constant reminder of his success. Surrounded by a large, lake-like moat, the exceptional construction has a balanced symmetry that guides the design lines. Upon entering the property, elegant black gates welcome the guests and take them to a beautiful pathway towards the residence, flanked by trimmed hedges and trees. Crossing the bridge, the view opens to the magnificent castle. A river runs right at the edge of the property, making the aerial view even more spectacular. See the construction of the moat surrounding the mansion in the last photo. And for those of you who love hip-hop music and would like to take a tour of the castle, check out Birdman’s “Fire Flame” video (careful, explicit content) filmed on Sieger incredible property. Enjoy the tour!