The WBE House is a project designed in 2010 by Nagoya-based architecture studio AUAU. Located in Kasugai, Japan, the small but cosy two-story residence was built on a narrow lot in an urban high-density neighbourhood. As you can see, the house has a striking contemporary look, setting it apart from the rest of the neighbouring houses. With its simple yet functional shape, the residence shows off its modern facade, made from a geometric combination of wood and concrete. Two parking spaces in the front allow easy access for cars and the built-in door gives a strong, modern feeling of stepping inside a unique structure. A frame gently delimitates the edge of the house, inviting you to step inside and see how the extraordinary interior speaks a minimalist language. With the help of high ceilings and lack of doors, the architects created a large, bright space for the family living here. Take a look at the pictures to see how a narrow space can be transformed into a contemporary living space.