For a home that has a rather futuristic look, the White O Residence is a very comfortable place to live. Designed by Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, the 370 square meters dwelling sits on a gentle slope allowing the architects to take full advantage of the site in designing the unusual structure. A partially enclosed garden complements the spiralling backside of the house. The sloping terrain meets the house in the garden, melting the living spaces with the exterior in a unique and wonderful way. At the entrance, a spacious living area takes us to the dining room and further on through a corridor, to the bedrooms. These private quarters are elevated from the ground and offer privacy and relaxation. Located in Marbella, Chile, the residence has a fluid connection between the outside and inside space. Do you think that these types of new and personalized constructions are gaining more attention due to their architectural complexity or their response to the surrounding environment?