Designed by Davidclovers, this amazing crib located in Hong Kong seems to puzzle the senses. Found on Dezeen, the project is a renovation of a tower apartment overlooking the Victoria Harbor. Here is a short description from the architects: “Nestled amongst a forest of towers on Old Peak Road above Central Hong Kong, the Tregunter tower holds unique layered views of Victoria Harbour. The abundance of bay windows, structural walls and beams that are common to residential towers would appear to constrain the possibilities of the apartment. However, by turning constraints into opportunities, David Clovers re-works the volumes of this apartment by using the ceiling and the floor. Subtly elongating, pressing upward, and sloping downward, the ceiling produces variable sensations of compression and expansion – making the apartment seem larger than it is, drawing delicate lines that separate dining from living.

Skillfully dodging and maneuvering around air-conditioning units and structural beams, the ceiling integrates artificial light and various materials – re-orienting the apartment toward the exterior. The minimal use of wood and plaster shift the elevation of the apartment (typically on the walls) to the horizontal surfaces – enhancing the outward/upward thrust of the ceiling.” Freshome readers, are you fans of asymmetrical design ideas or do you prefer the more classic approaches?