Years ago, it used to be to look at homes for sale you had to drive around town and look for “For Sale” signs, or you would ask a Realtor to look through their database of listings.  Today, with the Internet, listings can be viewed easily and good pictures are what sells. Whether you are looking for a home in your neighborhood, or around the world, pictures are what are going to make homebuyers want to come see your home. In order to stage your home for great photography, look at these tips.

  • Accentuate the positive: The advantage of taking photographs for your home is that you don’t have to highlight what is a negative in your home, i.e. busy street view, or dark office area. When taking photographs you can accentuate your gorgeous bright kitchen, and creatively decorated master bedroom. Assess what areas of your home are “must sees’ and what areas can wait until homebuyers visit your home.
  • Give the illusion of space: In photographs, you want to give the feeling of spacious area and expansive views. This is one of the highest sought after amenities in your home, and in each room should look free of clutter, clunky furniture, and “maze-like” areas to walk around. If you need to move furniture around in order to create great looking photos, do so. Use a digital camera so you can see immediately how good or bad the picture is. This will help you create the perfect shot in one setting, and not days or weeks later.
  • Don’t forget the exterior of your home: If you can only include a few pictures, whether it’s for a listing, a publication, or an online real estate site, the exterior of your home is an essential shot.  Ensure that the exterior of your home is shown in its best light. Remove cars from the driveway, and take pictures in prime lighting conditions. Full sun, or partly cloudy skies give way to good photographs. Be aware of shadows, dark skies, or glares that will show up. Photographs taken at dusk or dawn with all the lights on inside the home and out, also makes for gorgeous images.
  • Only keep the essentials: When photographing your home, remove all personal details that says anything about your family, your political, religious, society, opinions, etc… Remember you are trying to sell your home to anyone who is interested, and an image that expresses a strong personal view or opinion can immediately turn off a perspective buyer. This is true for when people walk through your home as well. Only leave the essentials, furnishings and decorative pieces will make your home shine for what it is, not only because of your personal accent pieces.

Selling your home can be a challenge, but with photographs, the job just became easier for you and potential homebuyers. Think about each room that you want to photograph and keep the number between 5-10 excellent images. While many sites have more or less, homebuyers want to be “wowed” within the first 3-4 images. If you have too many, you can drive people away, and less can have the same effect. Seek advice of a Realtor or professional architectural photographer for more advice on showcasing your home in its best light.

Freshome readers are you in the process of selling your home? How did you get your home ready for photographs?