For all of you out there who enjoyed our Batman-Inspired Motel Room in Taiwan, here is another treat. We just received an intriguing mirror design from Latvia-based company Katz The Bat Mirror is a post-modern touch to classics and modern pop-culture, a mix of traditional elements and contemporary ideas. Speaking of which, if you look long enough at the photos below, you will notice how the symbol formed by the frame is a copy of the Batman logo. Here is a short description from the designers: “This huge neo-rococo mirror is carefully hand-molded from plaster. The rumor has is that the one who dares to gaze at it long enough would see a certain superhero symbol unravels“. The mirror’s dimensions are 90 x 78 x 8 cm and custom colors are available on request. Available here, for 290 Euros. What do you think of this mirror and its mixed fashion codes?