The Cortland Residence, designed by Nicholas Clark Architects is an astonishing residence part of Chicago’s modern collection of homes. Covering a 7,800 square foot surface, the three-story house is home for the parents and their two children. Because the residence is located in a dense urban neighbourhood, the construction had to encompass as much comfort and space as it could, without occupying a larger surface. By designing a house that has two courtyards and extends on three levels, the architects managed to give the dwelling both a large interior space and an organized exterior courtyard duo. The courtyard walls, made from a combination of glass, cedar and wood panels, protect the inhabitant’s privacy. A modern and chic water arrangement in the interior courtyard can also be seen from the dining room: “In the main courtyard, water elements create a focus and patio space is positioned next to the family room which is able to expand to the exterior by opening a folding glass wall.