Three floors of fun gathered under one roof and one name: the Nakameguro House created by LEVEL Architects. Constructed in Meguro-ku, one of Tokyo’s municipalities, the residence features an enormous, three-story high slide. The 1,762 square feet property gives its inhabitants and guest the possibility to take the stars going up and use the slide going down when moving through the house. Half of the house is connected by stairs and the other half, by the slide. Found on HomeDSGN, the residence was created to remain a sweet childhood memory in the minds of the client’s children: “It was the client’s desire. “I want to create the house to which three children remain in memories forever.” he said too. For this family, “SLIDE” will be a symbol felt deeply. We considered the possibility building its play space into the space of daily life naturally at the same time as thinking about “SLIDE”.