The Baufeld 10 is an original looking building designed by LOVE Architecture and Urbanism and located in Hamburg, Germany. Here is the project description from the architects: “The Baufeld 10 project was developed in a joint building venture. This means that the various future residents worked together to  create a real community for the new building. Within this model, individualists connected with each other with the goal of building THEIR communal house. The building typology had to meet this expectation. This is why the building houses many different building typologies with all kinds of furnishing standards: from very large apartments (up to approx. 225m²) to smaller units (approx. 50m²), which feature entirely different designs – from one-storey apartments to maisonettes that stretch across four storeys.

For Baufeld 10, individualization was the top priority. Each of the 28 new residents can now enjoy his or her unique lifestyle within his or her apartment – whether horizontal or vertical – whether in a small or a big apartment. These different visions were blended into one building – to everyone’s satisfaction. Viewed from the outside, the residential building presents a gleaming white structure formed of slightly beveled cubes and with generously proportioned, slightly bevelled window  openings. The configuration of these window openings matches the layout of the apartments behind them. Each apartment has a balcony and/or bay which protrude from the building. Within the rigid row of buildings, this configuration provides maximum views in an “exciting direction” – namely, the harbour. We don’t know about you, but we are tired of seeing apartment buildings without personality. We think this particular project is a step forward and we hope to see more in the future.