Canadian architect Paul Bernier has added to his portfolio a wonderful residence built in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood of Montreal, Canada. The residence known as the Bernier-Thibault House is home for the architect and his family of four. “We wanted to create a house filled with natural light, appeasing, and thought with the day-to-day life in mind. So we had to extend the house and preserve the quality of the garden while working around the various zoning bylaws.” Two glass and wood volumes were added to the original home, making room for the extended family. The box placed in the garden serves as a playroom for the children, while the other box shelters the master bedroom and is located on top of the building.

That box on the roof acts also as a light well for the house below. The west corner is completely glazed and an opening was made in the floor below to allow the natural light to flow in and filter all the way to the ground floor through the semi-transparent wood trellis bridge of the second floor.” Light and air are free to caress the interior spaces and everything created inside has special features: the kitchen has a 270 degrees view on the rest of the house, semi-transparent screens allow the light to flood the building and steel and wood stairs connect the three floors.