Different doors in the house can hide precious stashes of cash that you can rely on whenever in need. We found this neat idea of having a little cash set aside on Makezine and wanted to share it with you too. A bright idea turned into a Diy project will protect your hard earned cash from anyone you want to hide it from. A small cylinder like a cigar tube can serve as your “safe” while the screw on cap with a bolt in it will be helpful to pull up using a magnet. The step-by-step instructions here will guide you through the whole process if you wish to create your own hiding place. The hole you drill in the door should be closer to the hinge to ensure to avoid any sounds that might give it away. Although the idea of “redecorating” the top part of a door is fun, it might not be a good idea to want to hide the money from someone else reading this post. The author and creator of the DiY project is Sean Michael Ragan.