At the Indaba conference in South Africa, architect and Designer Dror Benshetrit announced an amazing new architectural system or “space truss geometry” called QuaDror . The system has massive potential in architecture, construction and even disaster relief. According to the official website, the unique space truss geometry – now named QuaDror – is made from the assembly of four identical L-shaped pieces, either thin resulting in a trestle structure, or thick resulting in a solid panel. The collapsible system allows for rapid assembly and a transition from closed and flat to open and self-standing. A major advantage of this system is that every single panel has the stability and load-bearing capacity of a cube with only 1/5 of the volume. Impressive acoustic properties, less construction time and fewer heavy machineries needed are just some of the features of the QuaDror. Be sure to check out the video at the end of the post for a better understanding.