When we first saw this bench we couldn’t help but immediately associating it with a stack of colorful crayons. According to Dezeen, the Swedish designers Marcus Abrahamsson and Kristoffer Fagerström created this unusual looking seating piece entitled “Pylon”, by using pine batons. Here is a short description from the designers: This sleek seat is based on a traditional bench shape, which has been dramatically transformed into a strikingly futuristic design. Taking inspiration from the pylons towers that support power lines, the designers constructed the base of the bench from twin uprights that anchor the seat the floor. Two layers of thick pine slats are glued together to form the seat, which is gripped between the upper reaches of the base supports. Pylon is a perfect complement to high-design interiors and cutting-edge architecture, or any setting where design takes centre stage. Freshome readers, do you enjoy having colorful furniture elements in you home?