The apartment was designed by architect Neave Brown for COEN!. We received a few photos and a description from the architects which we would love to share with you: ” This luxurious city apartment is designed by COEN! to create a harmonious whole. A perfect combination of robust, warm and pure materials like wood, stone, glass and marmoleum. The use of sober colors with colorful accents make it a timeless and stylish residential. The apartment is designed upside down: the design studio is placed on the ground floor, the sleeping rooms on the first stock and the living with a beautiful view on top. Art brings color in this sober but warm apartment. Works of Bert Vredegoor, Margriet Smulders, Erwin Olaf and of course work from Coen van Ham himself (Testbeeld, situated in the design studio) have all the attention they need because of the serene surroundings.”

Achieving the best possible result using as few means as possible. This is the starting point of designer Coen van Ham. This interior reveals what he means by this. The transparent appearance contributes to the strong look of the functional design. ‘But most importantly perhaps is the fact that the focus has been entirely on the people that live in this apartment, and not on the interior,. says the designer. ‘I was looking in the visual language of the interior I designed.’