For today we would like to showcase this original looking townhouse located in Venice, California and designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects. Integrated in a commercial coastal neighborhood, the building has an original appearance and is a definite eye-catcher. Here is more from the architects: “This mixed-use project is situated in the middle of a stretch along the boulevard known for its many recent examples of architectural experimentation.  The ground floor houses parking and a single retail tenant; the two upper floors contain a single-family residence.  The public residential spaces are on the second floor surrounding a private courtyard.  The third floor contains bedrooms and a large exterior dining and entertainment deck. The entire shell of the building is constructed of board-formed poured-in-place concrete.  Other exterior walls are glass or stucco – non-corrosive materials practical for their use near the ocean.  The roughly textured surfaces of the concrete – both inside and out – contrast sharply with the smooth and highly refined finish materials, which include tile, stone, stainless steel, stained woods, and smooth terrazzo floors.” What do you think? Does this building”go” with the famous Kinney Boulevard?