If you are still looking out your window wondering when the first signs of spring are going to show up, wait no longer! Whether flowers are starting to bud, or there is still ice on your porch, spring is on its way, but you can rush it even faster. Try adding spring color ideas to your interiors to boost your spirits, and to bring the season to your mind to boost your mood and cure your winter blues. You never know, before you know it, you may be thinking of new ideas to bring spring colors into your decor!

1.) Jazz up your walls with color: The easiest and cheapest decorative choice, paint! From sunny yellows, and grass green to tangerine oranges. Don’t be shy, paint is quick and it can be changed easily. You may consider leaving it up year around!

2.) Frame pictures of family vacations: Remember last summer when your family enjoyed that beautiful hiking trip in the mountains or the day at the beach making sand castles? Frame some of your favorite family vacation pictures and warm your home and spark memories of warmer weather and good times.

3.) Hang spring inspired artwork: Have you ever noticed when you’re at a museum, how a piece of artwork can “transport” your mind inside the artwork? The same is true for artwork in your home. Hang a beach scene above your fireplace mantel, or a watercolor of a field of wild flowers, and feel your mood boost instantly.

4.) Change out your bedding: The mood that you awake and go to bed each day will make the difference in your outlook throughout the day. Change out your dark colored sheets, comforter, and blankets for spring colored and large print varieties. From flowers to spring inspired geometric shaped bedding, bring spring into your mind without trying.

5.) Change your views: If outside of your kitchen window looks barren and brown from the harsh window, spruce it up with warm spring colors. Whether this means bringing out a planter full of flowers, or it means painting your porch a beautiful Grecian Isles inspired blue. Looking out your window should be inspiring!

6.) Use natural inspiration: Try using a bowl of lemons or limes to freshen up your kitchen counter. Try adding a glass of colored glass beads to a display of seashells handpicked by your family last year. Bring out natural inspiration in your home to fill a display or to sprinkle around your home!

7.) Spruce up your décor with flowers: Whether real or artificial, flowers can make you feel happier and warmer instantly.  Get a fresh vase and buy flowers at your local market or visit your craft store and make an artificial flower arrangement for your dining room and bedside table.

8.) Bring spring into your bathroom: If your looking for a way to brighten your bathroom, how about add spring colored toiletries, bath salts, decorative bath linen and area rugs to your bathroom? You would be surprised how a few displayed colors on your bathtub, and sink vanity counter will make you feel excited to get dressed everyday.

9.) Add quick wall displays: Ever thought about painting a mural on your children’s wall, or adding wall stickers in spring themed designs? Take out your paintbrush and let your imagination go wild. If you are good with your hands, sketch a spring inspired theme first, and then have your kids help you paint it. Not real handy, wall decals are easy to apply, and can transform your space before you know it.

10.) Let in more natural light: During the winter months we keep the cold out by closing window treatments and in turn creating a dark feeling in our spaces. Open up your windows to let in more natural light and to show off the color you already have in your space. Your beautiful white cottage kitchen deserves a spring makeover, just by letting in sunlight.

The days are growing longer and spring is already whispering at your door. To hurry it along in your mind and in your home, try these 10 tips to bring spring along.  For more spring inspiration, thumb through your favorite fashion or home decor magazine. Spring is the perfect time when designers and retailers are excited to show you color inspiration for the season. Those turquoise kitchen cabinets, may just be calling your name!

Freshome readers, tell us what you do to bring spring into your home early!