Carter Williamson Architects are the creators of this next residence located in Sydney, Australia. Although the Camperdown House on Rowley Street is located in an urban area, the family living here needed a quiet and comfortable place that would offer them a balanced life in the middle of the city without having to give up on tranquillity. Constructed by taking into account the construction policies and procedures, the architects still managed to create a much differentiated architecture from the rest of the buildings, keeping the lines modern and bold. By implementing similar scale, height and form regulations like the other houses on the street, the architects had to play with materials, shapes and lines to create a very contemporary home. Interiors feature a double-height ceiling in the kitchen, creating an airy space and many versatile nooks that have double functions. Large folding doors connect the living room on the first floor to the exterior courtyard, also offering fresh air and sunshine whenever the weather permits it.