Creating a personalized space inside an apartment can mean many things, depending on the inhabitant’s needs and wishes. This is why designer paulcoudamy chose to differentiate the interior design of this Parisian apartment according to the client’s love for books and films collection. He created a unique bookcase with undulating shapes and many versatile storage spaces. Names Swollen Wall Apartment, the residence features a floor to ceiling grid inserted along two main load bearing walls: “It goes above walls, through the bedroom’s dressing and can either create a half area in the entrance, or spread on the corner walls of the office which accommodate a guest bedding under the elevated desk platform.” The 20 x 20 cm squared grid is perfect for pocket books and some are enlarged to fit speakers, A4 files, vases etc. Here and there, closed blocks act like enclosed storage spaces for a mini bar, a dressing or devices storage. Thanks to digital manipulation, the bookcase features swollen or cut areas, creating an undulating second wall in the apartment.