Some people find it easier to explain something with the help of a pen and paper. Other people scribble down different things while using the phone. For those who love to draw, the innovative Writable can be of real help. Created to sustain the need for writing, the Writable features three blackboards that pop out just when you need them, with the help of one single move. Three such blackboards that can be flipped are set on a table with a modern, clean look. With this addition to the furniture, your communication skills could improve and you will have a lot more fun. Writable was also exhibited at the Stockholm furniture fair 2011. Designer Tianyu Xiao speaks about his creation: “Writable is a unique table, which allows notes to be written onto the table surface easily. It creates a new way of communicating and enhances the relationship between people in real life. It offers possibilities for different kinds of people to use it in a way that suits them.”