Renovated and brightly changed, this next duplex penthouse is not anyone’s home yet. Although many of you would love to have this apartment, you would have to move to Stockholm, Sweden and pay the asking price of $3,200,000 so that you can call it your home. Placed in a surprising old building in Vasastan, the apartment offers two floors of pure relaxation and vividly bright interiors. With a lot of open spaces, the penthouse apartment seems to be built both for family life and for entertaining guests. The luxurious 2,260 square feet apartment is depicted as a heaven to live in:  “This spectacular project is the result of one of Sweden´s most ambitious new developments and is competing with the best in design. No details have been overlooked.” With an astonishing interior design, the penthouse apartment is located in a fully and recently renovated 1907 building. Unusual placement of the dining room and kitchen at the upper level brings a new meaning to the personalized space and the high ceilings create a dream scenario for the living room.