Bars are places for meeting people and enjoying a cup of your favourite drink. Combined with an excellent design, a bar can also be a surprising place to draw inspiration from, like the Pure C bar and restaurant in Cadzand-Bad, The Netherlands. Created by Lieven Musschoot, the bar design is filled with light, creating a relaxed atmosphere for family and friends. The dunes and the North Sea offer amazing panoramas that can be enjoyed from any part of the restaurant. With a capacity of 180 persons, Pure C is divided into different zones with various designs and organization. You can choose between long tables in black wood trunk for large groups or small, two-person tables discreetly hidden by light white curtains. Large oval sitting islands occupy a central space in the design, giving the clients the possibility of relaxing and enjoying the meal and view. The designers say that : “At night the skylights have a golden shine from the gold-covered with circular discs of light fixtures.” A black stretch acoustic ceiling covers the bar area and black glass walls further define the space. A gas fireplace with floating glass offers an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the restaurant. [Photos by Koen Van Damme]