Lately we’ve been featuring a few commercial interior designs on Freshome because we know most of you out there are very much involved in world of business. We decided these sort of projects could be inspiring when it comes to decorating your  own commercial space. In this particular post, we would like to present an unusual optician’s shop located in The Hague, Netherlands and designed by architect Alexander Nowotny. Envisioning the “shop as a stage”, the architects managed to create a highly original atmosphere as if taken from a fantasy movie: The new Hofstede salesroom had to be both entertaining and seductive, had to stimulate all the senses without being loud and vulgar. The concept had to embody the opposite of monotonous, overfilled shop windows and endless  display racks inside.

Hofstede shows frames without exception in display cases, also in the shop window. The products are presented as unique items, because the customers themselves, of course, would like to be unique and buy something unique. Most of the frames are locked away and taken out for the personal consultation with the customer. Self-service only applies to sunglasses. The customer should be served and be given the feeling that he or she is a “star”. The shop serves as a stage. Please let us know what you think of this project and if you would like us to feature even more commercial designs on Freshome!