dKO architecture have completed Bellevue Hill, an intriguing contemporary residence located in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, Australia. Here is the description we received from the architects: “A stately Spanish Mission residence received a 21st Century makeover through the addition of two apartments with fabulous city and harbour views. Beyond the threshold of the entry the house shifts and splits into 2 private residences. Flexible light-filled living zones are revealed almost immediately, with an emphasis on visual mass and height. The seamless terrace extensions visually stretch the space, maximizing vistas to the harbour and surrounds. The intent of the select materials and interior design were to combine ease and comfort – where there is minimal visual noise on show. The conservative palette intended to provide a serene and calming environment that was restrained and elegant.

Dense, almost muted materials, with subtle hues bring calm order – whilst still maintaining an appropriately strong presence. Integration of all joinery and services was a key requirement to simplify the design.  Lighting was considered throughout the design process. We believe good lighting should be both functional and aesthetic while creating ambience both internally and externally. Ultimately the resultant aim was to indulge in a monochromatic home of smooth surfaces and planes, light and shadow. The linear lighting plan employed, was consistently arranged as long pelmets or coffers – to wash, bounce and reflect light off the surfaces and almost evaporate into the space. By day and by night the home is a triumph – it glows. Every surface has a purpose – to harness light.”