With the help of thousands of screws, Andrew Myres, a 31-year-old artist from Orange County, California, manages to mind-blowing portraits. According to Etsicommunication, the idea struck Andrew while working in a church a few years back: “I was doing bronze reliefs depicting the life of Saint Catherine and thought how cool would it be to create something entirely out of screws. I’d always wanted to work with screws, I got the idea and that was it. Six months later I completed my first piece.” The portraits are made by drilling screws into wood and some of them are are 1.2m (4ft). Even though the artist managed to sell five works for for £5,500, he says what he does is not measurable in material rewards: “Household screws are cheap if you need to hang a few pictures but when you need to buy tens of thousands of them the price soon adds up. This kind of art is unique enough that I have to keep going with it, but it costs so much to create each piece it’s not as financially rewarding as you may think. They are more a labour of love.”