Apparently, creative ideas are not so hard to come by. Creating a space that will not only solve the problem of visually delimitating the space but also creatively inducing the idea of separate office spaces, the bright minds from Radford Wallis graphic design studio managed to draw attention and reach the targeted public. Property developer Land Securities needed to divide a large space situated in London into distinctive office spaces that can be shown to potential tenants. Instead of appealing to the same overused walls and signs, they took the high road and created a very surprising space with the help of giant office supplies carefully placed in key areas. The outcome was inspired by the conditions of the site and the idea that needed to be conveyed into something palpable. The designers from Radford Wallis explain how they came up with the idea: “Shunning conventional signage, we went for maximum impact by creating four scaled-up stationery items, used to mark out the huge space. The giant objects were then positioned where the partitions would eventually be built.”