The Vader House is a strong visual concept built on 120 sqm in Sydney, Australia. Designed by Andrew Maynard Architects, the residence that rises in the middle of the city is an extension to a Victorian terrace that has high boundary masonry walls delimitating the property. The fact that the house was constructed long before new building regulations were established allows it to have a non-standard height along the northern boundary. The raised roof falls abruptly to meet the height building requirements. With a budget of $500,000, the architects managed to recreate the charm of the old building by adding a steel structure that supports the building and leaving part of the property untouched. A spacious interior was thus created, fully taking advantage of the double height ceilings. A mezzanine level filled with light from the large windows looks out on the interior courtyard. Playful combinations of colours and materials create a colourful and surprising palette, with accents created by the masonry walls of the old structure visible in the kitchen. The master bedroom with en-suite rests at the second floor and a spa unveils itself from under the retractable wooden deck of the courtyard.