Said to be the world’s most famous chair, the monobloc (in its pure form) is a plastic seating item, very easy to move from place to place due to its light weight and often used as an outdoor furniture piece. This Bench Chair was by Thomas Schnur and derives from the design mentioned above: Obviously, the Bench Chair nourishes the famous monobloc chair. It responds to the associations, which causes each chair, in a new context. Its curved shape is distorted to a voluminous body and thus forms an abstract space. The viewer is confronted with a transformed hybrid. Its preparation is as simple as that of the monobloc: using rotational molding process, the Bench Chair are produced serially. Found on Today&Tomorrow, the Bench Chair has a highly original appearance and is slightly more elegant than its inspirations source.

An Elegant Approach to the Monobloc: The Bench Chair