Who says apartment owners can’t enjoy the fun and good mood that comes with growing various decorative plants or vegetables? Home gardening is a concept that took off and more and more design ideas embrace this field. Patrick Nadeau‘s aesthetic “urban hanging gardens” are highly practical and easy to care for. According to Bem Legaus!, the miniature gardens measure 48 cm x 10 cm x 22 cm and each “pot” has a capacity of 1 liter. They consist of two small metal brackets which hold three “pots” of polyester. Within them, a film bags with waterproof PVC, clay marbles and a Kafkaesque ingenious drainage. Due to their shape, the small improvised gardens can be placed almost anywhere in the house. This makes them a fun and vivid decorating idea also. The product can be bought online here for £69.17 exc. VAT per set.