Casa Chico II was designed by architects Parque Humano. Located in a residential area of Bosques de las Lomas in Mexico City, the beautiful residence was constructed to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. Following the plan, the structure’s glass parts open to bring the fresh air and sunlight inside. Neighbouring a protected natural reserve on the south side, Casa Chico II has an “L” shaped concrete structure that forms an opaque face in one direction and a clear opening to the other. Built on 400 sqm, the house features many glass walls that complete its modern look. The one storey house consists of many multipurpose areas that shape the library, study room, the covered terrace, the TV room and garden. A perforated ceiling in the living area ensures natural light and a contemporary design. In order to maintain the natural light in all rooms, the front glass facade is supported by pillars. This makes the home a magnificent open view residence.