Keeping history alive while implementing modern architecture looks pretty easy once we take a look at this next residence. The historical facade was kept intact but the interiors were designed to be a perfect fit in the urban scenery. Built in Melbourne, on a lot that used to be the Richmond Fire Station Stables, the modern dwelling you can see in the pictures is proof that past and future can look good together. The three bedroom house, for sale here, showcases an angular design partly hidden by a stone facade kept intact. An open plan kitchen combined with the dining and living room were constructed on the original part of the building. Beautiful stone walls merge with modern furniture to create an outstanding interior design. Windows, sliding doors and skylights were carefully placed to ensure natural light in all rooms of the house. A rooftop deck offers beautiful panoramas of the city with its 360 degree view. Other features include a two car garage, cellar, gym, second living and study room. Tell us what you think about this creative mixture of styles or if you think something is missing in order to call this home desirable.