The Hill House was designed by David Coleman Architecture and is located in Winthrop, Washington. According to the architects, the project is composed of a 20′ wide x 115′ long stepped platform, a shelter formed by the roof and east wall, and several gabion stone walls. It is sited on a long, narrow, rocky hillside, sloping gently to the south and steeply to the east and west. The building reads and lives like a habitable landscape, adapting to the changing seasons and needs of its occupants. Sustainable materials, technologies and techniques are used throughout. Recycled steel, sustainably harvested wood, BIBS insulation in oversized wall and ceiling cavities, on-demand hot water, low-flow fixtures and convection heat are just a few of the strategies employed. In short, this is a modest, sustainable building with a big presence in a big landscape. We were truly impressed by this home’s flawless interior design and the overall warmth it inspires. (Photography: Lara Swimmer)