Spamghetto is the fun solution to keeping all your spam neatly organized on the wall. Created with a personalized pattern with “comically misspelled offers of love and enthusiastic advice on how to get rich, fast“, the Spamghetto is a modern wallpaper created by Italian based design studio ToDo. You can choose from thin or chunky strands forming different patterns. The designers consider that spam “should be cherished as a testimony to the humanity of our emotions, the universality of our deepest desires“. Made from non-woven fleece made with cellulose, the Spamghetto wallpaper is flame resistant and steam-permeable and it can even be reused. The designers who created it say that “Spamghetto is the inappropriate, intriguing, irresistible spam-based wall covering that turns the bad ideas flooding your inbox into patterns of insight into the human nature.” Turning unwanted spam into a modern wall covering for your home could mean that you are ready to accept the existence of things like that in our world and that you can live with it in a creative, stress-free way.