We recently received Elia Felices‘s latest project, which we are delighted to share with you: “Using culinary equipment, Elia Felices has created a mural of Andalusian fans in three dimensions as a tribute to Victoria, the legendary beer of Malaga, in chef Dani García’s Mil Milagros restaurant in Marbella (Málaga, Spain).  This decorative work by Elia Felices is a tribute to Victoria, a beer which has been produced in Malaga since 1928. It can be seen in the restaurant Mil Milagros, run by Dani Garcia, who has been awarded 2 stars in the Michelin Guide. It is a composition of collage and painting which divides the space into triangles. The starting point is an 1920’s image of an Andalusian woman, a flamenco dancer, taking us back to 1928, the year of Victoria’s launch. The figure is positioned between four fans which are 3 meters high. The pattern has been designed using real objects that give the structure its form. The central section is made of silver salt cellars, pizza cutters and pasta moulds, and from here emerge the rolled-up place mats of different colours and sizes that spread out to create an arc, with a colour scheme that refers both to the brand of beer and the Mil Milagros restaurant itself. They end in a series of white ceramic plates. ”