In many homes the challenge of having too small of rooms with low ceilings becomes a game of making the room look larger. While another challenge with many home owners are ceilings and walls that are awkwardly tall, and make defining an intimate setting in the space difficult.  Just as there are illusions to make rooms feel larger, there are decorative tricks to create a cozier and intimate space amidst tall ceilings and walls. Use these tips to decorate your awkward walls and take advantage of unused space that you never realized you had.

  • Use tall decor to play up the height: In many homes, your awkwardly tall walls can be decorated to look purposeful, such as using murals, and painting nature/ trees scenes to emulate the outdoors. If you have a natural setting in your home, why not bring in artificial tall trees, bamboo sticks, and reeds placed in decorative vases to embrace the height in your room. Over a fireplace is a prime location to use many of these techniques and celebrate the fact that your walls have height.
  • Utilize every space: Why not use your vertical height space for display, organization and decorative sculptures and pottery? Tall walls are a prime real estate area for displaying collections, vintage, and heirloom antiques. For many home owners they have to store their collections in closed cabinets, while you have a collectors dream for displaying. Opt for open shelving and stand back from a distance to see how high up you want to install shelving. If you have an interesting ceiling line from the roof above, reflect this unique shape in your shelves to add visual interest.
  • Camouflage with color: In rooms that have tall windows, try using color to unify the adjacent walls and window treatments. Use complimentary or the same colors throughout the walls and windows to trick the eye into making the ceiling feel lower. With window treatments try a designer trick and hang them above the top of the window frames. Hiding the true height of your windows will also make the room feel more grand and formal. For more casual interiors, opt for lighter weight fabrics and simple patterned window treatments.
  • Make your tall walls the focal point: What’s the saying – “When life gives you lemons make lemonade”? the same is true for your high ceilings and walls. Try putting your television, bookshelf shelving, or even an extra tall dramatic headboard up against a tall wall. Makes this the accent wall of your space and create a dynamic and striking focal point for your room. While it may seem like a challenge to decorate your tall walls, they actually may be the focal point that your room was missing.

Decorating your awkwardly tall walls can be easier than you think, and consider using the negative aspect and turn it into a positive one. If you are still puzzled as to how to decorate a tall wall, consider using large artwork that can cover the area, or buy adjacent pieces that can hang next to each other. Artwork is an easy way to help camouflage challenging decorative areas. Before you know it, you will forget where the problem area was, and will marvel in how good your awkwardly tall walls make your space look!

Freshome readers do you have a challenge of trying to decorate tall walls? Let us know your solutions.