A modern two-storey residence rises in a Melbourne neighbourhood thanks to the creative minds from Australian based architecture studio Mim Design. They designed and constructed the house named DMH Residence, transforming it from a classic Victorian dwelling into a contemporary collection of architectural structures based on the classy design. By keeping the basic design elements, the architects were able to create a modern charm used throughout the house. With simplified aesthetics, the DMH Residence is a match between past and future, with glass elements and geometric volumes complementing the classic, harmonious lines of the Victorian base. According to Mim Design, the project: ” distinguishes between old and new with a clean, timeless interior renovation melding with a classic Victorian character. The Victorian features throughout the home have been simplified to a clean, fresh palette whilst maintaining all of the existing elements. The requirements of a modern family home are demonstrated through the simple extended height and open feel of the renovation. The interior furnishings work in conjunction with the space to create an elegant, timeless, fresh feel.