Designer Cody Stonerock is the mastermind behind this creatively composed chair. The Kurven Chair has drawn inspiration from the nautical sphere, allowing a comfortable seating experience and a modern, beautiful shape. The designer is a student at University of Cincinnati and one of his teachers gave him 10 weeks to create the concept of a chair and then construct it. And so the Kurven Chair was born: a surprising place to rest, made from a bentwood frame and leather upholstery. Imitating a hammock, the chair can be used with or without the leather upholstery, which can be removed or changed with the material of your choice. The leather has a canvas backside which prevents it to stretch more than it should. The designer explains how the construction of the chair works in your advantage: “The leather seat can easily be attached or detached from the chair. The leather is sewn on each end into loops. The loops are attached by being placed through slots in the wood and anchored with a dowel rod.