It is surprising to see what some artists use for instruments. Observing the outcome of such unusual works can make one truly believe nothing is impossible. Pei-San is an architectural designer and a multimedia artist born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles. We found some of her art works exhibited on TrendsNow and we think they are highly creative. We were all fascinated by matches when we were very young. After all, they do have some interesting particularities:  they lit up, they burn and they slowly fade away, characteristics which makes them easy to be adapted to life feelings. A few projects caught our attention from the list below: the burning man with the heart of gold made of continuous lines that point to the heart, the “love on fire” project, made up of approximately 2,500 match sticks and representing romance and passion or destructions and jealousy and of course the burning dollar. We decided to display this post on Freshome, as we are certain some of these unique works would look interesting as home decorating items. Moreover, it could serve as an inspiration source for those of you willing to improvise while playing with matches.