The countdown is on to the Super Bowl and between your snack foods and your game day guest list; you think you are ready, right? Have you thought about your house, and where everyone is going to sit? Is your television large enough or do you need to rent one? Preparing for the Super Bowl doesn’t have to be stressful; in fact the preparation can be just as fun as the game! Here are tips to get your home ready, to ensure you can watch all the commercials and touchdowns with your guests!

  • Ensure great seating for the game: Let’s face it, if you and your guests can’t see the game from where they are seating, then your Super Bowl party will not be enjoyable. First determine how many people to invite to your home, and ensure you have ample seating. Give or take 5-10 people in the case that people bring a friend or companion. Consider bringing in chairs from other rooms, or even borrowing chairs from neighbors or renting from your local rental party store.
  • Refreshments preferences: While most Super Bowl parties have the usual staples of snack finger foods and drinks, be sensitive to guests you may know who have allergies, or special diets. Ask them before the game for suggestions for food alternatives, and provide enough for a few people to ensure no one is left feeling isolated. Offer drinks in a variety of choices, and set refreshments up in an area away from the television. There is nothing worse that someone standing in front of the screen to reach for snacks!
  • Gather guests in alternate rooms: Even though the majority of your guests will want to see the game, there may be guests who prefer the camaraderie of the group, but wish to be in another space. Set up entertaining spaces outside, in recreation rooms, and even in an adjacent living room if you have the space. Consider supplying board games, music, a separate television and/or conversation areas for guests to gather and mingle. If you have space, additional refreshments located in this area will keep guests from traveling back and forth through the rooms with food in hand.
  • Ask for help: Even though entertaining is enjoyable, the preparation of seating, food, and decoration and the cleanup of the same can be a big task. If you are holding large party, delegate neighbors, friends and family to help with food items, decor, and setting up and clean up duties. To cut down on the cost of food make a list and ask each person to bring a main dish, side item, drink or paper eating supplies. The more help you get, the quicker everyone will enjoy a great time once the Super Bowl party begins!

Hey! The Super Bowl only happens once a year, so prepare your home for it and enjoy the big game. Don’t forget to make plans for pets and or kids if you want an adults-only party. If you plan to keep pets and kids, ensure the pets will be contained away from the guests for those who may be allergic or afraid. If children will be enjoying the game, provide children friendly finger foods as well as activities to keep them busy if they get bored. Use these tips and make this year’s Super Bowl party the best ever!

Freshome readers tell us how you are getting your home ready for the Super Bowl!