Found on Freshbump, Lojan House was designed by Robert Gurney Architect and is located in Ocean View, Delaware, USA. According to the architects, the residence consists of two distinct volumes, connected by a passageway: The east volume is constructed with cement board, the west volume with corrugated siding and the one story connecting space with the ground face concrete block. The exterior material palette is quiet and subdued. Materials are selected for their expected long term durability, ease of installation and initial cost. The impact of the one story horizontal volume facing the street is intended to reflect the scale of neighboring structures while the narrow two story volumes are oriented perpendicular to the street reducing their apparent scale. Amazing views of the waterfront can be spotted from inside this home, due to beautiful wide windows. And speaking of nature, the whole 2400 square feet building features expansive openings towards a picturesque garden. ( Photographs byAnice Hoachlander|HD Photo)